Q1 What does Robin’s Entertainment provides?

Our services cover land and sea transportation and recreational programs.

       ▪ yacht cruising
       ▪ party on the sea
       ▪ overnight stay
       ▪ luxury limousines pickup
       ▪ holiday pickup
       ▪ chauffeur service
       ▪ auto care and coating

Q2 Personal Safety and Precautions.

 At the Pier   
Be careful of the pier environment and look out for ropes and lanyard to prevent tripping and falling.

When boarding, at all time, maintain a fixed grip on the ship’s rail before stepping forward as the ship might be rolling.

 Onboard the Ship 
Make sure you grab the handrail when walking inside the ship. And also watch out for barrier and low areas to prevent tripping and hurting your head.

  Out at Sea      
▪ Sun exposure is inevitable at sea, it is recommended that you wear sunscreen against UV rays.
▪ Have your seasickness medicine ready if you need.
▪ Be familiar with the use of personal lifejacket and the location onboard.

  Safety Awareness     
▪ Be aware of the existence of danger and keep a distance from moving objects such as sails,    rope, sail girders, winches on the deck.
▪ Make sure you stand still while taking photos.
▪ Always keep in mind the safety rules onboard.

Q3 Reservations

Please call us 7 days in advance for reservation. Should there be any typhoon warning or bad weather, we will arrange another day for the trip.

Our Reservation Number 0800-000577

Q4 Can I participate the cruise program if I am pregnant?

(1)Based on the date of the cruise, pregnancy less than 24 weeks is allowed to join.

(2) Those who are over 32 weeks above of pregnancy requires the certificate issued by a       legal gynecologists.

(3) The certificate must be within 7 working days ahead of the boarding date, stating
    ▪ suitable boarding date or period
    ▪ estimated date of delivery
    ▪ highlight any complication to observe
    ▪ personal or spouse signature

For the safety of our customers, we will exercise certain restrictions in managing the capacity of each trip. Please contact us for more details: 0800-000-577

Q5 Are babies allowed onboard?

Only babies who are 6 months or older are allowed onboard.

▪ One adult can take only one infant with required ID certification such as the baby’s healthcare manual.
▪Baby carts are not recommended on aboard. You may deposit them at the designated place and retrieve them after the trip.
▪ Infant lifejackets are limited onboard, therefore, please indicate this information when making your reservation so that we could prepare for them.

For the safety of our customers, we will exercise certain restrictions in managing the capacity of each trip. Please contact us for more details: 0800-000-577

Q6 Are pets allowed onboard?

Only guide dog is allowed. We only accept dogs and cats. For the comfort and safety of other customers, please ensure that the pets are kept clean and secured. Customers are to note restrictions on such matter will be applied accordingly to the law. Our company will not be liable for any mishap to the pet during the trip.


Q7 Personal Documents and Insurance

All passengers aboard are required to process ID or healthcare card (any related ID with photos.) For foreigners, please have your passport ready for custom inspection.
The travel insurance per passenger is NT 2 million.

Q8 Accommodation

  ░  Type of Accommodation  ░  

►One queen size bedroom and Bunk beds for 4. Extra space at sofa area is available for 2-3 persons without charge. You may bring your own sleeping bags.

► Definition of Weekdays and Public Holidays
Weekdays: Sunday to Thursday all year round.
Public Holidays: Fridays and Saturdays, National holidays such as New Year Day, Lunar New Year’s Eve to the 5th day of New Year, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Taiwan National Day.



  ░  Reservation Process  ░  

►Reservation by phone.
Direct Line: 04-2475-2277
Time: Monday to Friday 0900~18:00

►Reservation by email

Deposit of 30% of room price for weekday/50% of room price for weekend is chargeable. Please transfer the deposit within 3 working days after making the reservation and call for confirmation. Failing which the reservation may be cancelled. We may cancel the boarding day should there be any typhoon warning or bad weather, we will arrange another day for the trip.


Transfer bank:Mega International Commercial Bank- North Taichung branch
♦ bank code:017
♦ account name:ROBINS'S INC.
♦ account number:037-09-08166-6.


  ░  Check-in and Check-out Information  ░   

(1) Check-in time is from 3:00pm and check-out time is by 12:00am. (Please call for delay or any changes at 04-2475-2277) During boarding, please provide ID or passport for verification. Should you fail to board by the stipulated time, there will be no refund.
(2)We will not be responsible for any loss of personal valuable objects. 
(3) Please keep your voice down after 10 pm for the comfort of other guests.
(4) Smoking, alcohols, drugs and chewing of betel nuts are not allowed in the room.
(5) We will charge for any lost or damage items and equipment if any.
(6) Please keep your pets at home.
(7) As part of our support to the environment, we will not provide any disposable tooth brushes, paste and shavers. Should you need any of those, please contact us.
(8) We will help you order breakfast if you need any.
(9) Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or offers. Other Terms & Conditions apply. Robins entertainment shall be entitled to vary, amend and/or otherwise change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


Q9 How to reach Wuchi Fishing Port inTaichung?

Limousine service from Robins

From: Ching-Chuan-Kang Airport Taichung, Taichung Railway station, Wuri High Speed Rail Station
For reservation please call 0800-000-577


Driving direction-Highway 1》
►Exit Fengyuan interchange and connect to highway 4 to Qingshei→ go straight on Linggang Rd. →Turn right at Beiti gas station →Reach destination.

►Taichung(Zhonggang interchange)→Taiwan Provincial Highway 12 toward west→Passing Shalu→Take Linggang Rd in Wuxi toward the north.

Driving direction- Highway3
Exit at Shengang interchange and connect to Highway 4 toward Qingshei→ go straight on Lingqang Rd. →Turn right at Beiti gas station →Reach destination.


Bus 307- Taichung bus
Bus 307 (From Xingmen high school to Wuchi fishing port) alight at Wuchi fishing port station and walk into the port area.

Bus 111 -Juye company
Bus 111 (From Xingmen high school to Wuchi fishing port) alight at Wuchi fishing port station and walk into the port area.

►From Qingshei : take Fengyuan bus toward Taichung harbor and Wuxi direction.
►From Fengyuan: take bus toward Taichung Harbor direction.
►From Taichung Gangcheng bus stop: Take bus toward Wuxi direction.

Coast line to Qingshei station→ transfer bus 111→destination


High Speed Railway
Alight at Wuri station and transfer to other buses to destination.


Q10 What is automobile coating?

The most advanced paint protection technology in the world and has been widely used by car owners. Its long-lasting, anti-oxidation and high resistant to rain and shine protects car body from UV rays and the harsh weather. To remain the best quality, we suggest having your car coated every year.

Q11 What are some of the benefits for automobile coating?

Comparing to traditional waxing, automobile coating is superior in maintaining the body of the car.

►Water Resistant
Able to restraint oxidation due to rain and high power jet wash.

►Heat resistant
Unlike car waxing, the surface of coating is not affected under high temperature.

►Corrosion resistant
Tested under special environmental conditions, the surface continue to remain highly resistant to chemical corrosion.。

►High luster, easy to clean
Luster remains after continuous wash and stays clean on its surface.


Q12 Appointment for Car Coating

To arrange car and chauffeur services, please book your appointment 7 days in advance.   We will replace the same level of vehicle in the event we are not able to return your car on time due to unforeseen circumstances. We will not be able to accede to short notice or allow self-driving.

Limited car type:
● Maserati GranSport MC Victory
● Bentley Continental Flying Spur
● Bentley Arnage Birkin Edition
● Cayenne GTS Porsche Design Edition 3
● Volkswagen Multivan L2.0 TD1

Please call 0800-000577 for booking.

Q13 These are the causes

A. UV:
It is inevitable that headlight covers will lose its transparency due to the UV exposure, dust, dirt and oil.

B. Quality of the Light Bulbs:
Use quality bulbs with UV resistant coating to slow down the quality deterioration of the bulbs.

Another reason is due to humility and water leakage. Water leakage may cause other damage like short circuiting of the electrical components of the car.

Q14 Membership Application?

  Internet membership  
log in to the front page → membership → Sign in  →fill in the form


258 membership  
Our exclusive Robins 258 membership gets 30% off for related services. For details please read  
Robins’ entertainment (membership) or Call 0800-000577


Q15 Forgot the passwords

Choose [membership] - [forgot passwords]-fill in email address-new password confirmation letter will be sent to you.

Q16 Exclusive benefits for 258 membership

Join Robins exclusive 258 membership  (Gold/Silver/Robin Card)
As members, you will enjoy our exclusive services and discounts all year round

◆ Renewal Quota Scheme :
   Special service discount for limited annual quota  
   (gold card 30%;silver card 20%;Robin card 10 %)

For details please refer to our program

Toll free number:0800-000577